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Free updates are for the unlimited version only


I've tried updating my secondary Windows VM installation of CafeTran by drag and dropping the latest update ZIP into the Dashboard and got this error message:

Free updates are for the unlimited version only!

After using my ProZ Plus credentials, I was able to properly update CafeTran using that method.

I suspect (but have not tested this) that those using the demo version can still update by installing CafeTran on top of their existing installation.

Still, I'm not sure I understand the logic of ZIP updates not being installable under the demo version.

Is this linked to the fact regular licence users can't update their CTE installation without losing their full licence status past the three years free support and updates?

Can't the demo version status be differentiated from the "full version past free support and updates"?

Also, I would like to ask for a confirmation that ProZ Plus members do not only have access to the unlimited version of CafeTran (provided they use their ProZ credentials), but also that they are entitled to free technical support.

Can the ProZ Plus member status be verified when a user files a support ticket?


Well,  the full version users have the additional comfort of updating the software. Demo versions are just to try and decide whether the program meets your expectations. If there is a new version or update released,  one can uninstall the previous demo version, then download and install the new one. PLUS members can enjoy the same technical support for CafeTran as the regular users who are entitled to receive such support,  and their PLUS membership can be verified. 

Thanks for your explanations.

Since the demo version is not time-limited, it seems a little odd to restrict the updates, but I understand the logic.

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