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REQ: More intelligent Auto-Complete

  1. "administrator" with the AC entry "administrator" and confirming leads to "administrator"
  2. "Administrator" with the AC entry "administrator" and confirming leads to "Administrator"
  3. Typing "ADmini" with the AC entry "administrator" and confirmingleads to "AdminiSTRATOR"
  4. Typing "GUI-administrator" with the AC entry "GUI-administrator" and confirmingleads to "GUI-ADMINSTRATOR"

While cases 1 and 2 are as predicted and case 3 was already reported, case 4 is really annoying. The solution would perhaps be to define the hyphen as a trigger where this kind of case sensitivity stopps.

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Just in case: CT-Auto Completion (with Automatic Case adjustment) fails at so frequent words such as

US president    US-Präsident (not Trump's fault this time)

EU parliament  EU-Parlament

NATO resolution NATO-Beschluss

What I wanted to say: There might be languages, where this combination is not so exotic as one might think.

I've just observed this for the first time (is this a new feature?). I typed UNi, accepted the prompted University and ended up with UNiverSITY. (This is case 3, if anyone's counting.)

Would agree with tre that this could do with fixing.

> UNiverSITY

That's corrected in the last update. If you type UNi the prompter should insert UNiveristy.

Thanks for fixing this Igor!

Just one more question/suggestion – would it be possible/desirable to have UNi changed to University rather than UNiversity?

The double upper case at the start of the word is a common typing error and is corrected automatically in Word.

I can see the counterargument – what about obscure cases where some brand name is styled with double upper case letters at the start – BEleave in better!! – but if its being found by the prompter, then the prompter can also identify if this is such a (rare) case.

Should this be considered for a future feature?

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