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One Size Fits All

Here I will publish a generic regular expressions that will catch almost all strings that consist of a numerical value and an SI unit, e.g. 20 km, 100,000A etc.

Further refinement of the generic regular expression, to also match numericals with a dot or comma as decimal separator, e.g.:


(116 Bytes)

Been a little too busy, so only few enhancements to the (attached) One-Size-Fits-All regular expression.


  • You cannot use the string in its current form for QA non-translatables.
  • You can use this string to pre-translate segments that only contain expressions that are covered by this One-Size-Fits-All regular expression, using the menu command:


(126 Bytes)

Maybe I'll end up with Two Sizes Fit All, since I'm having to get expressions like m/s² into the regular expressions (of course with escapement). Perhaps a glitch in Java's treatment of regular expressions? Not very likely, more realistic to assume an error of mine.

Cool, thanks!

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