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Boxifier: sync your external disk with Dropbox

Thank you for getting in touch and adding your voice for Boxifier for Mac!

The team is working on porting Boxifier for Mac and I'm glad to let you know that it will be released early this spring.

I used to use a symlink to sync my external hard disk with Dropbox cloud, but support says one shouldn't place symlinks in your local Dropbox folder.

You might try some handsome solutions using ownCloud or NextCloud on your own server.

This means:

  • you decide where your files go
  • you decide how good they are secured 
  • you need a bit of space on your webspace/server (I have 100 GB although I never asked for this, my provider simply increases it from time to time, for a quite modest sum)
  • you can build quite easy workflows with WebDAV or other tools

This now a default option of Dropbox: when you connect an external disk, D will offer to back it up
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