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Inconsistent segment use – what does it mean?

I'm running a few extra QA options that I don't usually bother with this morning, and I've come up with a few segments labelled "Inconsistent segment use".

Does anyone know what this actually means?

You must have activated "Fragments consistency check" in the QA panel. It means that one of your segments/fragments is translated in a different way than your TM(s) has it.

The translation in both TMs and in the project itself all seem exactly identical to me, so I'm not sure why I get a ton of "Inconsistent segment use" hits? 

Pretty much every other segment has an "inconsistent segment use" error, and I don't get what any of them are. 


Perhaps some non-breaking spaces?

I don't think so, as these are all new segments. 

It's not comparing against a TM that would have had nearly-identical segments from some previous project; it's literally comparing against the TM entries that were created by those very segments in that very project ... 

Two spaces between use and offer in one segment.
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