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Tab character always visible

I propose that the tab character will be made always visible, just like the non-breaking space:

Now it isn't visible when white space is hidden:


It's only visible when white space is displayed:


This is:

  • inconsistent with the treatment of non-breaking space
  • potentially interfering with the storage of selections in the source and target editor as term pairs (when you don't know that a tab character is included, because you don't see it).

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What exactly is the tag standing for? A square? A control case?

ja t 1 nein

This is nice, but wouldn't the following alternatives be better? 

ja t sy nein

ja <tab><symbol> nein

One of my other mantras:

  • It is nice how tags are displayed, but sometimes it is not convenient. There should be another (optional) way of display.

And yes, the mapping of tags and tag content in Studio (and other files) might be close to quantum mechanics, but feasible. It is just mapping. This  interpretation of tags can be quite useful in some cases (this 2nd point is rather new, but could be upgraded to mantra, if considered as useful)

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