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Non translatables glossaries with regular expressions - 2, advanced use

With regular expressions you can create generic non-translatables that catch patterns like:

  • all URLs
  • all e-mail addresses
  • many chemical formulas
  • etc.
Regular expressions are powerful and sometimes ... complicated.

Luckily there are good test sites that you can use to check your non-translatables: 

On an Oracle page you can learn the meaning of all available expressions:

Below you will find starter set of useful regular expressions. Note that you can add comments after a #.

Non-translatables to translate software texts

# Words in CamelCase or camelCase
# Words in triple CamelCase or camelCase
# Words in quadruple CamelCase or camelCase
# Next two lines for _mnemonics with an under_score
# Variables between $dollarsigns$
# |(\$)[A-Za-z]+(\$)

Generic non-translatables


# e-mail adresses:


# websites:


# non-translatable segment that does not contain any alphanumeric characters:


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