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How to deal with strings that don't need translation - 2

There is a fast way to define strings (names, product types, error numbers etc.) as non-translatables. This procedure doesn't deal with glossaries but with a text file that has been assigned to collect your non-translatables. You can use this file either for generic non-translatables (like SI units) or if the speed of adding non-translatables is important. 

Note that non-translatables in this file will be treated as such in all your projects, in all your languages. If you translate in several languages, this can have disadvantages. In that case, you're advised to use non-translatables glossaries.



  • Make sure that in Edit > Preferences > General > Non-translatable fragments a file name for non-translatables is listed, e.g. non-translatables.txt.
  • In the Source or Target editor select the string that you want to add to the selected file non-translatables.txt and press CTRL+ALT+P (from the former name, placeable).
Note: You can list and edit the entries in non-translatables.txt via the command Resources > Non-translatable fragments > Edit non-translatable fragments / Reload non-translatable fragments.

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