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Can CTE-integrated Java be used with other applications?

I need to install JDK 11 for another application. It seems that CTE's Java is working from a VM environment (am I correct?), but can it be used with other applications too so as to avoid making a separate installation of JDK 11?

No, it can't be run with other apps as this embedded Java contains a set of Java modules needed to run CafeTran. Other Java apps may require another set of Java modules and may need to be run on a specific Java version.

Thank you, I was just about to write that after reading various things around I came more or less to the same conclusion myself.

By the way, I was fiddling with previous Java versions installed in my PC to see which ones I could remove, Then, when I opened CTE to resume serious working, it launched the pre-license installation as if newly installed for a trial. Does this mean that it's embedded Java can be influenced by other independent Java installations?  

If you run various CafeTran installations (e.g with other Java versions) in one system, they  can influence the licensing info. So please run only one instance of CafeTran on your system.

I'm pretty sure that CTE was closed. 

I had finished working with it and was trying to install another program requiring Java 11, but couldn't because the system said that there was another instance of Java opened, which is strange because Windows' activity manager didn't list any opened programme. 

Then, I decided to remove the only Java installation (version 8), but cancelled the process at mid way because I was unsure if I wqas doing the right thing. It was then that, when I opened CTE to see whether Java didn't actually uninstal, CTE opened in the trial version.

Maybe something else occurred?

In any case, no problem. After 5 minutes CTE was up and running again except for the pane colours, which took me half an hour to set as they were originally.

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