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REQ: Redesign of Grid in QA

Am I the only one that finds the QA display in the grid a bit suboptimal?

Let's have a look:


This is the complete QA for an average segment (160 char.). All of them false positives.

Isn't there a lot of GUI space wasted? With this kind of display the height is nearly the double of the segment, while the target side remains empty. This is layout 6; in other displays, the errors might get wrapped.

I would not ask for an error report (though other tools offer this, but it might be a good idea, AFAIR you only need to do a QA and export this to HTML – nice for the happy few, but why not have a direct menu command?), as this direct QA and correction in the file has its pro. 

But perhaps anyone else sees room for improvement here. A kind of other, compact QA display.

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My wish is to see the most important types of errors, namely wrong numbers and wrong terms (if such option is selected), highlighted directly in the target segment editor right upon hitting Alt+Down or Alt+Right arrow.

The rest can be left to the QA automated routine or manually one type at a time (eg. only double spaces, only tags and so on).

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