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How to deal with segments that don't need translation - 2



  • To select a range of adjacent segments, note the number of the first and last segment of the range.
  • In the Find & Replace dialogue box, select the Segment numbers checkbox.
  • In the Find box, enter the range, e.g. 6-15.
  • In the filtered view, choose Task > Transfer source segments to target segments.

  • While still in the filtered view, choose Task > Lock segments, to make sure that the segments won't get modified.
  • Close the filtered view by clicking on the Filter funnel symbol.

Note that there are several ranges. To catch all matching segments, use a technique demonstrated in How to deal with segments that don't need translation - 1 ( ).

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A very useful video for those who want to lock a range of segments in one go. This procedure must be included into CafeTran knowledge base, and, plus, the text is a bit vague for the Find dialogue box. One has to watch the video to do it right. 

Thank you.

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