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How to deal with segments that don't need translation - 1



  • Choose Task > Transfer segments with no letters to target
  • Via the Find & Replace dialogue box, filter on segments that only contain a letter (or other character/symbol) that doesn't need translation (that is identical in the target language).
  • In the filtered view, choose Task > Transfer source segments to target segments.
  • While still in the filtered view, choose Task > Lock segments, to make sure that the segments won't get modified.
  • Close the filtered view by clicking on the Filter funnel symbol.

Note that the expressions \A and \z indicate the start and end of a segment. Everything between \A and \z is the segment's content.

If you aren't looking for a way to deal with whole segments that don't need translation, but instead for a procedure to deal with words (in segments) that don't need translation, please look here:

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