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New term palette

While waiting for the Christmas dish, I've been playing around with Keyboard Maestro (Mac) to reorganise my New term palette. This palette is automatically popped up whenever the New term dialogue box is opened, to add a ... new term:


For the 13" MacBook Pro the palette is already too large. (For the 27" iMac it's just fine.) So perhaps I'll split it up in two palettes: one at the left-hand side of the dialogue box and one at the right-hand side. E.g.: all deletion macros in a red palette at the right-hand side.

I like the transparency, that allows me to peak at terms in several panes.

Not all macros are ready yet. Some weren't finished, others broke because of my migration to macOS Mojave. Some macros used an OSAX Satimage library for AppleScript, which allowed nice regular expression manipulations. I'll have to rewrite these actions without this library (I'll try to stick to Keyboard Maestro-only actions, this time).

Yet another proof that I shouldn't add too many bells & whistles.


I want to try to assign an easy to remember keyboard shortcut to all macros. These keyboard shortcut should also work without popping up the palette (e.g. when working in the target segment box. (Sometimes I don't use the New term dialogue box but simply add terms from the source and target segment boxes.

Macro Groups can be displayed as palettes, allowing you to create your own custom toolbars which can be configured with a variety of themes and to appear under the mouse.
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