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Web resouce configuration failing

 Can you help me to configure the following web site in Cafetran? After all I've done, I'm at a loss now.



Hello Masato,

First, you can add: to the Internet address field of the web resource, and manually initiate a search from there by first selecting the correct field (domain or subdomain) in the left and then applying it (1, 2 or 3) to your search.

Do you also want to initiate a domain-specific or global search directly from CafeTran's quick search bar for this resource?

Here's what I have found:

When you go to the 検索サンプルを見る (sample text) link on the upper right side of the page, it gives you various examples which appear to use the following search scheme:

KEYWORD is the search text, and FIELD is the name of the search domain.

I think you can use any field name available in the left column.

For example, to search all domains (global search), you would use "全体".

So, to sum up, here's there settings that I suggest you test when adding or editing this web resource:

Internet address:

Address start:

Address end: _全体

To search a specific field, replace "全体" with the name of the field as it appears on the left side column. You can set up multiple web resources for conducting searches in various different specific fields.

Let me know it that works!

PS: Apologies for the typos of my original message.

Very interesting resource for English-Japanese translators, but also for Italian-Japanese translators who must often use English as a proxy due to the lack of specialized IT-JP dictionnaries. And a BIG THANK CTE for making the use of external resources so simple and effective, a feature that other CAT tools simply don't have.

And finally, many thanks Jean for your always timely, generous, qualified and especially patient support to stubborn users like me. Of course without forgetting other CTE colleagues such as alwayslockyourbike, who often helped me with useful suggestions and great ideas during my first steps with CTE.


A Happy New Year everyone!

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Hello Jean,

It's working perfectly! Million thanks to your advice! I really admire your contribution to this user community.



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Happy to help! 

Thank you both for your kind words.



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