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Orange START button

Would it be a good idea, to let CafeTran Espresso 2019 ask 'Do you want to insert all exact matches?' when the user clicks the orange START button?

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This is the situation when the developer wants to grill you, I suppose … ;-)

Honestly, in general yes, but next question would be "from which sources?", and yes, including TBs to have these short segments with TB hits prepopulated. 

A thing like a Filter "Segments with exact matches from TMs and TBs" (those to come, not those being) could be another nicer idea.

>This is the situation when the developer wants to grill you, I suppose … ;-)

I don't think so, especially not in this weather. We have the best working relation and generally, my requests are fulfilled in a reasonable time frame.


And BTW, this was not a request, just thinking out loud, so it would probably have been better to post it under Coffee Talk.

Sure, I tihink Igor will actually be running with his tin drum around the christmas tree (we all do, don't we?), so he won't be reading this now anyway. I fear this kind of workflow things is not his favorite, especially when it has dialog boxes.

Some more alternative thoughts:

  • Add a second button "Start & insert all exact matches" (come on, there is enough space)
  • Some gimmick or shortcut then for the poor people that do not have these segment panes visible 
  • Add an option in the Preferences "Insert all exact matches after hitting the start button"
  • Make this behavior part of the project templates (yeah, including a template editor, finally)


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