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Embedding of CheckMate and/or LanguageTool

If an integration of CheckMate and/or LanguageTool will take place, can these tools please be embedded in the CafeTran Espresso package? I mean: it would be good if no external Java runtime would be necessary.

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See here for CheckMate (yay!) and here for LanguageTool: "[...] the GNU LGPL requires that derived works be licensed under the same license, but works that only link to it do not fall under this restriction". Should be investigated a bit deeper, perhaps. Perhaps an external LT can run on the CT Java. 

>Perhaps an external LT can run on the CT Java.

I do hope so.

I assume we are talking of the LT server (that runs on Java). So there should work a kind of "/path_to_CT_Java/java /path_to_LT/languagtool.jar" command, where the user still needs to enter a path to LT somewhere in the Preferences.

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