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Exporting with notes

I've just tried to use the 'Export current document with notes' option for the first time, but no file is created.

Am I doing something wrong? Does this normally work?

Also: do I understand correctly, that this creates a translated (in this case) word file, just like the 'Export current document' option, but with any notes made by me in CT inserted as comments? (See for example this post.) I'm aware that there's also an option to export to a bilingual file with notes, but I understood that this was different.

Many thanks for any clarification you can provide


I've just tried to do this again (probably for the second time ever) and it's still not working – as before no file is created.

I'm on Croissant 10.5 (but not 10.5.1).

Why doesn't this work?

I confirm it works here (cf. Source and Target DOCX).

I would try this:

- Make sure you use a Word file (no other format, for now. Test with the file I have attached

- Make sure you have set a User ID in Preferences > General

- If still no joy, try in new CafeTran installation. If it works, you might consider migrating to it.

(1.25 MB)

Hi Jean,

thanks for your imput, but all of your criteria are already met in my case. The project is a Word file that I imported into CT, the user ID is set, and my CT installation is pretty new (a couple of months old) , following an OS reinstallation.

This feature is clearly a bit flakey. Given that the normal export works fine, it seems very odd that this should simply fail to create the file.


You might attach your project as  a .ctp package file (see Project > Export and exchange > To package...) to the ticket.

Tested with an exported Word document, the Note was inserted as a comment, with my User ID as the author's name.

Latest CafeTran installed.

Thanks Jean!

I should have mentioned that I'm still on Akua. But this feature has been around for a while hasn't it?

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