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Which command to use to get translated status in Studio files?

I want to obtain this:


And not this:


Is it possible in Cafetran?

In CafeTran 2019 Forerunner (build 2018103001 and later):

CafeTran's "Checked" status (gray background) maps to the "Translated" status (first image) in sdlxliff files and the Confirmed status in mqxliff files now.

This is the status that is applied when you hit the "Finalize" button for external projects. You can apply it to filtered (selected) segments via the Task menu.

Currently, "Signed-off" segments in SDL Trados (second image) do not have a specific status in CafeTran.

More information:

Are you sure? I think I was able to obtain the Studio signed of status in Cafetran (which is exactly what I don't want), but I wasn't able to get the first one. I will have to experiment some more when I find the time.

Please do. 

Approved status in CafeTran was indeed previously mapped to the Signed-off status in SDL Studio. Now it is mapped to Translation approved.

In the same build (2018103001), this additional change was announced:

CafeTran "Approved" status maps the similar status in sdlxliff files and mqxliff files now.

To review all changes introduced in recent or specific builds/versions: 


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