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"Check" mode

Hi, I'm sorry if these questions have already been asked elsewhere, I couldn't see them! Any help gratefully appreciated.

I just had two quick questions about the "check" mode, which highlights my checked segments in grey, please. (I have Forerunner 2019).

1) I usually translate my texts roughly first without ever pressing "next" (I just "move to next segment"). I then go through in "check" mode to finalise everything by pressing "next" (or the shortcut keys) on each segment. My question - does that still add everything to my translation memory, even if i've never accepted segments in "translation" mode?

2) Is there a way to uncheck my "checked" segments, please? 

Thanks very much, 


Hello Jon,

1. if you hover your mouse on the Next button, you will see that this action is linked to the menu action "Add segment to memory and go to next segment".

Check the available (translate and check) actions and their corresponding shortcut in the Action menu. Only "Move to the next segment" and "Move to the previous segment" don't save the segment to the translation memory.

2. Tasks > Remove segments status. You can apply this to all segments (default) or to filtered segments (such as those filtered via the Filter menu, so for example you can filter only the checked segments).

Thanks very much for your response. 

1) That's good to know, thanks. I wonder what the purpose of the "add checked segment to memory and go to next segment" function in the Action menu is, then? Why not just use the "Add segment to memory and go to next segment" function? (I'm sure there's a very good reason - I'm just curious.)

2) Okay, thanks very much. Is there an easy way just to remove the "checked" status from just one segment (i.e. the currently selected segment.) My problem is I sometimes 'overshoot' and mark a segment as checked before it's ready. Do you know of a way just to do that?

Thanks very much again

1. If I have understood correctly, you use the "Check" mode: you have selected "Check" in the drop-down menu below or above the target segment editor.

In this mode, when you go to to the next segment (any action: move, add checked segment, add translated segment, etc.), it is marked as "Checked" (Checked status, gray background).

So the action "Add segment to memory and go to next segment" does the same as "Add checked segment to memory and go to next segment".

However, if you are in "Translate" mode, which is the default mode, these actions have a different result:

 "Add segment to memory and go to next segment" leaves the segment as Translated (white background), and "Add checked segment to memory and go to next segment" sets it as "Checked".

So, if you want to mark some segments as checked but leave others as translated, I suggest you use the "Translate" mode instead of the "Check" mode, as it lets you leave a segment as "Translated" or "Checked", depending on your need. 

2. Go to the segment you want to uncheck. Instead of Check, select the Translate mode in the dropdown menu. Then go to the next segment. You will need to set the mode to Check if you wish to use this mode. Otherwise, as I said, there are specific menu actions and shortcuts for setting the "Checked" status when you are in the "Translate" mode.

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