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Ignore setting of Skip translated segments in Filtered view

In my opinion, CafeTran Espresso 2019 should ignore the setting of Skip > Translated segments in any filtered view.

When I filter on segments, I'd like to go from segment to segment when pressing Next. And not skip any segments, depending on the setting of Skip > Translated segments. Such a refinement would be very handy in the proofing stage too.

Do you agree?

No. What is the matter of simply unchecking the setting in the menu?

But instead: Put the command itself or a redundant command into a more prominent position, e.g. in the Filter menu.

>What is the matter of simply unchecking the setting in the menu?

And when setting it active again after releasing the filter?

Excuse me, but I find repetitive actions like these ... dumb. They irritate me.

I know that this is kind of idiosyncratic.

I see the pro, but also the problem of setting it only for determined filters. I use filters quite often, so there would be another source of a repetitive action.

After getting this wonderful timer (I still did not use), maybe it is time for a proofread mode where this setting above can be set or preset. In the end this seems to be the basic user scenario here, not a determined filter.

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