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QA intra-segment consistency?

Is there already something like intra-segment consistency (internal consistency) possible?


Segment 1: AAA = TAAA

Segment 2: AAA BBB = TAAABBB

Segment 3: AAACCC = TAAA CCC


In plain language:

For source and target segments pairs where one side only contains one word (no spaces), make sure that the translation entered here, is being used in all other segments.

Is there a way to export only filtered segments to a memory or glossary? (I don't want to have segments 7 and 8 in the QA memory/glossary.)

You can create a translation memory from the filtered segments via Project > Export > To TMX memory...  

> The TM should not be set to Segments, only to Fragments (and Fragments consistency of course).

Wouldn't it make sense (and be technically feasible) to allow fragment consistency check no matter what kind the TM? Kind of "set TM to fragments TM before QA and set to original state after QA"? Just to keep things simple.

> the pop-up dialog appears with the TMs listed, regardless of their type (for Segments or Fragments)

If the first point is not feasible, a filter, a mark or a grey-out would make sense here

>You can create a translation memory from the filtered segments via Project > Export > To TMX memory...  

Yes, I knew this feature from the past. But it didn't work. I slept a night over it and tried again this morning. The bits had shifted around the orbit of Ork. And now it works.

The trick/solution:

I thought that it was enough to select the Filter checkbox in the F/R dialogue box. It was not (it was in the past!): you also have to click on the blue underlined Filter item above the Source/Target segments pane.

Kind of counter-intuitive, I'd say.

Okay, I'll describe the complete workflow in Tips & Tricks. Perhaps it's a reason for you to add a new feature, just to skip a few steps. Like I said, I think this is a very important extra QA (not so 'extra' since it kind of already existed, it's just being just here more 'sophisticated'). And there is a relation to my request to add a feature to unlock segments in Studio projects:

I often get partly pre-translated Studio projects, which were created by different translators, during many years. In the locked segments there are many inconsistent target terms.

My first step: unlock everything (I do this now outside of CafeTran Espresso 2019, in an editor).

Then, via F/R in both the project and TM I replace all wrong (inconsistent) target terms with the ones that I prefer. I'm doing this in previously locked segments for which I (and probably most of you) don't get paid. So the effort must be minimal. F/R in both the project and TM is about as much as I can offer for free, it's a nice feature of CafeTran Espresso 2019.

But even after this cleaning up, some inconsistent target terms remain: after all, I don't read/examine all previously locked segments, since I don't get paid for that.

Here is where the QA inter-segment target term consistency (a catchy name has to be found) comes into the game. Currently a smart use of QA Fragments consistency.

I'll describe the complete workflow this weekend. Perhaps I'll have an appropriate name by that time.

God bless you all and cary on!

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