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REQ: Export anf exchange > Source to Text file/Target to Text file


Currently, while other export options are bilingual, Project > Export and exchange > To Text file… exports the content of the target segments.

Could this feature be also used to export the content of the source segments to a TXT file?

I’m suggesting that this menu action is divided into two sub-actions: Export and exchange > Source to Text file/Target to Text file.


This could help easily export/convert the source text content from any file format supported by CafeTran. 

Exporting the source segments instead of the target segments could help analyze the file in external applications for the purpose of “monolingual term extraction”, based on linguistic and morpholinguistic methods, on top of statistical data. Indeed, many tools only support TXT or DOCX file formats.

I’m sure this might have various other uses, just giving a concrete example I have in mind.

For now, quickly producing a TXT file populated with the source text is possible in CafeTran, but it requires that one uses the following actions:

- Tasks > Transfer source segments to target segments

- Project > Export and exchange > To Text file

- Tasks > Remove target segments

Obviously, this does not work if the target segments are already partially populated. In that case, one can use a copy project to Remove target segments first.


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