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question regarding glossary term recognition

Hi all, I use a glossary (EN-FR-DE) with "look up word stems" enabled, but "prefix matching" disabled (results in too many useless suggestions). The other day I translated something from FR to DE, and I was surprised to see that CT recognised my terms "permet" and "en" in the source word "permettent". Both terms were actually highlighted separately in the source word! I thought it was pretty cool that CT found these terms that were trying to hide in that long source word. ;)

Then, a few segments later, a segment contains the source word "ouverte", and although the term "ouvert" is included in my glossary, CT did not recognise it. How can it be that term recognition worked with "permet" but not with "ouvert"?

I guess this is because of stemming rules defined in Hunspell. For permentre they catch, for ouvrir not. The good news: you can add/optimize these rules.

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Ok, I understand, thank you for your reply!

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