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Migrating to the new CafeTran Espresso 2019 with integrated Java runtime


In the attached PDF you will find the procedure ...


Thanks. Just be to sure:

Any chance to get a migration routine for all the settings? This is somehow cumbersome, especially when new full versions and not only updates are going to be installed.

I think you're asking Igor here? All I can say is that my settings were kept, during this major operation.

For me this is okay, But I assume some other Mac colleagues might get lost in transition. Isn't CT on Mac more than the hacking Mac fraction? 99 per cent of translators are not tech-savvy (or at least not willing to be so). 

Here's what I would try for an existing installation (CafeTran must not be open):

- Make sure CafeTran is fully updated.

- Backup the CafeTran app

- Download the latest CafeTranMac-install.dmg from

- Open the DMG, right-click on the .app file to Show Package Contents..

- Go Contents>Java and copy the /runtime folder and the Cafetran executable. Copy also the MacOS folder (in contains a single cafetran file).

- Open a second Finder window, go to Applications, Show Package Contents of the existing CT installation (right-click on the CafeTran and paste the above items to the same location.

Depending on the method used to backup and restore the user files, this could be simpler to perform.

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In the past I have performed such tricks and got problems with rights, that caused CafeTran Espresso 2019 to crash. So I'd be careful to inject any new modules.

My 2 cents.

This morning I migrated my iMac to macOS Mojave and CafeTran Espresso 2019 to the new version with an embedded Java runtime.

Once more, there were no problems with the migration:

  • the license was still valid
  • all settings were kept
After starting the newly downloaded CafeTran Espresso app I had to confirm that it wasn't malware:


A second confirmation was needed:


After the confirmation, CafeTran Espresso 2019 started correctly.

On a side note:

I copied all my user files (spelling dictionaries etc.) from the backup location back into the CafeTran Espresso app, and I soon found out ... that I had forgotten to backup the resource definitions for all my QA and non-translatables glossaries :(. Okay, next time better.

Question: Isn't it time that the Preferences dialogue box offers a command to save all your user files to backup location (and preferably also a command to put them back?

Thanks Jean, this was an extraordinary, but perhaps better way to switch than vice-versa.

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