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Migrating existing CT installs to integrated Java version (OpenJDK 11)

Until recently, CafeTran required that the Oracle Java version was installed on the computer.

In new installations downloaded from CafeTran includes the OpenJDK 11 version.

For existing CafeTran installations on GNU/Linux, it is easy to migrate to that version instead of relying on the Java version(s) installed in the GNU/Linux OS.

Here's how to proceed (Igor, please correct if I'm wrong):

- Download

- Expand the .tar.xz archive and open the /cafetran subdirectory.

- Copy the /runtime folder and the Cafetran executable shell script from that subdirectory to your existing CafeTran installation.

You can set the Java initial and maximum memory by editing the Cafetran file in a text editor.

Run the new Cafetran executable to launch CafeTran.

You will probably notice a few appearance changes, mostly related to the change from Oracle Java to OpenJDK as well as the new 11 version. 

I must say I enjoy the crisper, clearer appearance of the UI with this new version. It also solved a small font rendering issue I had before. Just noticed some rough edges in the Theme settings though, but will report them separately.

Just an additional suggestion. Before proceeding with the installation as above, I would make sure to have the latest CafeTran build. In case any existing files are not replaced during the new installation, this would ensure these files match (=are identical to) the latest version.


JeanThe program can be run independently of these Java versions.

Thank you Jean, this is what I actually meant. As soon as I finish the current project I'll try your suggestion.


Hello Mario,

The fact that CafeTran now ships a Java runtime just means it does not rely on the Java versions you have installed on your PC. The program can be run independently of these Java versions.

There should be no interference whatsoever, and you don’t need to uninstall anything if you still want to use the already installed Java versions with other programs.

For new installations, this means you don’t have to download Java separately as it was the case before (at least for a 64-bit OS).

For older installations, here’s what I suggest you test if you wish to use the embedded Java. If that works for you (I just tested this on my Windows VM), we can make a post on the Windows CT forum too.

- Go to the location where CafeTran Espresso is installed (by default, the Cafetran Espresso folder in your local disk) and make a backup copy of that folder, just in case.

- Download the latest CafeTran installation exe:

- Run the installer and choose the existing CafeTran Espresso/cafetran folder. You will get a confirmation warning. Just proceed.

- Launch CafeTran and go to Help > About. You should notice that CafeTran mentions the 11.0.1 OpenJDK 64-bit Server VM (yes, CafeTran ships the OpenJDK version not the Oracle version of the Java runtime).

Check that any previous customizations are still there. There should be.


Is there anything similar available for windows too? Even if the migration is possible for Windows too, can the Oracle Java version and the new integrated version coexist in the same PC? We may have other programs that require the standard Java version.

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