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CafeTran update and resource issues


I have so many issues with CafeTran… I honestly hate this CAT tools, and I don’t understand why there is nothing more user-friendly on MAC. So I tried to update my 2018 update 7 version with update 12 but it doesn’t work (free updates are for unlimited version only). So I guess I have to live with all these bugs as I refused to pay for a CAT tool I hate.

I just don’t understand how I was able to install update 7…

Should I uninstall Cafetran and reinstall update 12?

Is Cafetran 2018 Update 7 the latest free version available?

+ I have an issue with one of my resources at the bottom: characters in Google translate are completely messed up and it doesn’t work (Attached), do you have an idea of what’s happening?


Obviously, nobody forces you to use a product you don't like or understand, even if you bought a licence at some point. The demo version is generous enough to give you a complete picture of the software without any time limits, so you know what you get.

When did you purchase your CafeTran licence?

If you still have the licence file (.ctlic), you can try re-importing it: if is not recognized correcty when you go to Help > About.


If you purchased the full version of CafeTran, here is the official description of what you pay for:

For a one-time payment of 200 euros, you get a license file that will remove the TM and glossary size limitations on your copy of CafeTran Espresso, once and for all. You can then continue to use your copy of CafeTran Espresso on the installed machine, without limitation, indefinitely.

Note that when selecting this option, you are entitled to free upgrades, and full support, for a period of three years. At the end of the three-year period, any support or upgrades — including the support necessary to reinstall or move your copy of CafeTran Espresso to a new computer — would require that you obtain a new license.

Let me know if there is something you don't understand.

If you are a ProZ member, please note you can use CafeTran without limitations (including updates/upgrades) while connected to a ProZ Plus member account,.


The resource issue you show could be linked to fonts (check the fonts used in View > Font), but it is probably linked to a Java update or version. CafeTran is a cross-platform tool that relies on Java. What is the Java version shown in Help > About, and what MacOS version do you have installed?

If your Java needs to be updated, I'll leave others to provide instructions since I'm not using Mac (GNU/Linux here).

For now, what I suggest is that you download the latest CafeTran version for Mac here:

Install it in a separate folder in Applications and launch it to test it. I think the latest CafeTran version currently comes with Java 11 installed, which means CafeTran will use that version regardless of the version you have installed on your Mac. This should limit Java-related issues. Just try and see if the issues you are facing with your installation can be replicated with the newest version.


Google has refreshed its Google Translate website recently, which may have caused the character display issue with some Java versions on Mac. Please take Jean's recommendations.

>I have so many issues with CafeTran… I honestly hate this CAT tools // are you asking for help here or just expressing your frustration? If the latter is the case, you might have a look at another CAT tool for Mac. If you want help, I suggest that you change your tone.

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your fast answer!

I updated Java; characters are back but there is another issue now … (no automatic translation when I click on Resources, I have to copy and past the segment on Google translate to get a translation).

I don’t have a licence. I’m using the trial version and I was never able to use it properly. Way too many bugs, all the time!!

I don’t want to install 2 CafeTran on my Mac, ... I would rather uninstall the version I already have before installing a new one. I’m not scared of losing anything as I was NEVER able to save a translation/segment/sentence/word or anything. No memories of past projects, I start everything from scratch each time.

I’m not a proz member neither.

Hi Romain,

Your original description led me to believe you had the paid version.

Anyway, if you're OK with that, then by all means delete the old version and start anew by downloading and installing the latest one via

There's always this forum for support, and here's the official Knowledge base (Solutions) for documentation:

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