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What is the latest version of Java for Windows?

 I'm tryng to bring my old Win PC back into life, and I'm wondernig what is the latest version. Is it Vversion 8 Update 191 or else? My notebook has 10.0.2, which seems to be not available online (is it?).



Please download and install CafeTran again in your Windows system. The latest CafeTran updates come with the Java 11.

This is the official announcement of the embedded Java? For all supported operating systems ? Those who have CafeTran with an external Java 10 can remove this Java, export CafeTran settings and install the latest CafeTran package and import the settings????
Licenses will stay active????

Yes, the latest builds of CafeTran Espresso include the latest Java 11 version. Note that you don't need to reinstall the program if all goes well with your currently-installed Java in your system. Nevertheless, if you wish to reinstall it, the license should hold if you install it on the same machine and in the same location. If something goes wrong with the licensing during the re-installation, please submit a support ticket. 

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