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Having CTE remember the translation file saving location

I don't know how other CTE users do, but I keep project files and exported files in separate folders.

The problem with this arrangement is that CTE doesn't remember where exported files were first saved, always defaulting to the project folder instead. Therefore, each time I export a file I have to manually change the saving pattern which is a bit time consuming and error prone.

Would it be possible to change CTE behaviour so that it remembers the location of first saving?

Maybe other colleagues organize their files in a different way?

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In the very old times™ I worked with Translation Office and their basic folder structure (folders Ingoing and Outgoing), That was very nice. memoQ took the file(s) from Ingoing and saved the exported files to Outgoing. Nice and handy, and with an editor of its own to configure:


With CT, this is somehow more difficult. Now I have one project location (where to save client data, collect projects for one month etc.) and one project file location (only for CT purposes).

To keep things simple, I export files within the CafeTran project folder. In the end of the project, I just copy the exported file(s) in the client folder (in a "sent" subfolder, unless it needs further editing).

When archiving projects, I copy and rename the project TMX, import it into Total Recall if needed, and add it to a folder aggregating all memories for that language pair. 

I then move the project folder from CafeTran's projects folder to the client's folder.

For external projects, the file is already located in the client's folder.

Thank you Tre and Jean. Jean, you certainly have your reasons to go that way, but do you always remember to copy, rename and move the files? I prefer to keep project files and exported files separate because this seems the cleanest possible solution to me.

I save original and exported files in a multi-folder structure like this: Client name > Year > P.O. > Original/exported files. I have been doing this since ages with my previous CAT tool and, you know, translators' habits are hard to die.

I wonder, Igor, if it's not too complicated to code CTE so that it remembers where the files have been first exported.

Thanks for considering this option.

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