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Suggestion on how to display less useless info

I don't use Auto-assembling, and displays such as the ones shown in the attached image are completely useless to me (they come from a segment TM). What is the best way to avoid displaying such small and often wrong bits of text?

Many thanks

In particular I am referring to "Virtual fragments". If there is a way to avoid displaying them, please teach me how. Thans!

Hi Mario,

You can try the following:

- In the TM options, set Matching type to Fuzzy instead of Fuzzy & Hits.

Fuzzy & hits = With this option, CafeTran analyzes source segments on a word basis (fuzzy matching), and performs statistical analysis of subsegments to determine their translation (fragment matches aka Hits). See an explanation of Fragment Hits.

Fuzzy = With this option, CafeTran only performs fuzzy matching analysis. Disabling subsegment analysis speeds up the matching process.

- In Edit > Preferences > Memory, set the Subsegment to virtual threshold to a higher value.

This field sets the number of hits before a subsegment is treated as an exact subsegment match (aka Virtual match).

Note: Increase this number if you wish to further lower possibility of incorrect guesses.

Thank you for your tip Jean, now I have much less clutter in front of me.


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