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Wrong source formatting


This is not exactly a problem, but a rather strange behaviour I've noticed. I was translating a contract (black font) and suddenly 2-3 paragraphs were in red in CT. I've checked the original text and the paragraphs were in normal, black font. Why does CT present them as red, if they are black? It' a native CT project. After exporting, the paragraphs were black, so it's just the problem why they were red in the CT grid.

Thanks for your ideas!


Seems strange. It may require raising a support ticket to attach the project package.

I generally use View > Themes > Replace document colors. I wonder if this still occurs when you enable this option?

Hi Jean,  with View > Themes > Replace document colors, it turns black, but unchecking brings the red font back :-) Normally I love the source formatting feature, I guess it must be a bad formatting "interpretation" by CT...


currently I'm translating a document which is underlined in CT despite the fact it is not underlined in Word file. I'm afraid the issue in not limited to font colour.



The format preview in the grid may not be accurate if the Word file has been created via the format conversion in another tool (from another format or after OCR). This is because some conversion tools can use styles to do the formatting, which is normally done by the user manually, via the formatting buttons/shortcuts.

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