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Usefulness of live preview

Following a recent post at, I wonder how other CTE users think about live preview for target translations.

I remember, when this feature was added to DV3 I used it for a while with a bunch of works, then I disabled it because I felt it didn't prove that helpful for my needs.(In my view, it could be more useful if one could type directly into the preview pane after cell-by-cell translation, then have each change automatically reflected into the translation grid.)

But, apparently it's an important feature for many translators. What do you think? 


You'll have to use Wordfast Pro or MemoQ for a live preview.

Aaarrrgh... that's what I figured. Too bad

Imagine if it were possible to type directly into the preview pane and have changes automatically reflected into the Editor.

It may appear a nonsense for many who think that proofreading translations in the editor is enough, but I, for instance, much prefer to make many style-related corrections directly in the exported file, where I can have a better overall view of the whole. The only problem is that I also need to make the same changes in the editor too in order to get a consistent translation memory.

Would that make sense for others translators too? Would that be not too difficult to implement? CTE would be the only CAT tool on the market to have this feature.

Seconded, Mario.

Perhaps via the online version of Powerpoint?

With Studio you can have a live preview in Powerpoint which you can position on your second screen. Changes in PPT are not reflected in Studio, but at least you can see what your pptx file looks like, better than the small preview windows in MemoQ and WFP5.

I wonder if the Live Preview feature is still in CTE's to-do list. (I remember Igor saying, perhaps last year, that it would come one day.)

It seems to be a pretty standard feature nowadays, and I for one would value it a lot since it adds another layer of output quality for certain types of texts (many in my view). 

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