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Excel: Import column as segment comments

It would be useful to be able to import a column of an Excel sheet as segment comments, displayed in the Project Segments pane, directly below each segment (just like memoQ or Studio comments).

I second that. More specifically, I suggest that a specified column is imported as CafeTran Notes. 

Excel files sent in for translation often feature a comments column which provides additional context/information.

This was also requested in the past:

I know that I'm asking a lot. However, this is a real-world scenario:

It would be terrific if:

  • One (in casu: the translator) could define a column as segment comments
  • Also could specify these column values as ... tada: max. lengths for the target cells
Yep, I know this is complicated.

Please note the maximum number of letters:
for StringTable.csv: column B
for RecipeTexts.xlsx: column A
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