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400 years ago the translation of the bible was ordered in Dordrecht (NL)

Nice example of 'Machine Translation'.

The Synod of Dort (also known as the Synod of Dordt or the Synod of Dordrecht) was an international Synod held in Dordrecht in 1618–1619, by the Dutch Reformed Church, to settle a divisive controversy initiated by the rise of Arminianism. The first meeting was on 13 November 1618 and the final meeting, the 154th, was on 9 May 1619.

The synod also initiated an official Dutch Bible translation (the Statenvertaling, i.e. Translation of the States) from the original languages that would be completed in 1637. Translators were appointed, and the States-General were asked to fund the project. It had a lasting impact on the standard Dutch language, which was just then beginning to gain wider acceptance and developing a literary tradition. It would remain the standard translation in Protestant churches for more than three centuries and still is used in some sister churches of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations and similar, smaller denominations.

>Nice example of 'Machine Translation': a robot writing with a calligraphy pen (See the movie via the Proz link)
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