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Segment comparation

I made this request sometime ago but wasn't taken into account, I just don't understand the CT results, it makes me take too much time to understand the results. Is me the only one who sees something is wrong in the way CT shows this results?

By the way, why the TM match from CT is SO low compared with the others?


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Woohoo, as far as I can tell, Igor has fixed the issue I mentioned in the latest version!!!

CafeTran Espresso 11.1 - Blueberry Cheesecake





I am having some issues, which I have posted about over @


This is great, thanks Igor!!

I am installing the new version right now and will be testing it on my new job today!

>The 11.0.5 small update uses the same colors for the added and deleted text in tracked segments and fuzzy matches.

It's finally there!!!


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Wow, yeah, the way it looks when reviewing a project with tracked changes is great. Sadly, I never use Track Changes, so hadn't even seen this. 

Igor, would it be possible to implement something similar in the segment comparison formatting?

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>The setting 'Added text color' doesnt change this.

When reviewing a project with tracked changes, I noticed the new colour (green):


This looks great. Very clear!

It's even clearer than in Studio:


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>Perhaps it's possible/a good idea to have the highest FM from the memory with the highest priority inserted in the target editor automatically

This is already possible. You'll have to lower this value:


Here's the situation with 11.04:

Test document:

The quick fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick white fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the dog.

The quick brown foxes jump over the lazy dog.

Line 2: inserted 'brown'.

Line 3: changed 'brown' to 'white'.

Line 4: deleted 'lazy'.

Line 5: changed 'fox jumps' to 'foxes jump'.

Display in 11.04:

Line 2:



The inserted word 'brown' is marked as if it would have been deleted. 

The setting 'Added tex color' doesn't change this.

Line 3:


Comment: The replacement isn't marked in a unique color, which would be clearer.

Line 4:


Comment: Looks good.


Line 5: A dedicated color for changes would be good.

The current implementation requires the user to look at two places: the memory pane(s) and the target editor.

Perhaps it's possible/a good idea to have the highest FM from the memory with the highest priority inserted in the target editor automatically, and mark the differences there? I see that you have this approach implemented for Tracked Changes ...

PS: I actually install the latest version of CT every few months, just to check whether this has changed.

Yes, I totally agree. Sadly, this is probably the main reason why I use memoQ as my daily CAT tool these days. I absolutely love CafeTran, and there is so much about it that is better than any other CAT tool. However, after seeing how clearly changes are marked in memoQ, compared to the way CT does it, I just couldn't go back. I use this feature very heavily in memoQ, and going back to CT would just slow me down too much.

memoQ even has two different ways to view the differences! I always use the second one, the new "Track Changes View".


Igor if you are reading this, I think this would be one of the coolest features to implement, and one that would make a lot of people very happy! If you changed this, I would definitely start using CT again.


Have there been any changes regarding this topic in the last years? Can we turn off this strike-through feature? I find it illogical and confusing to strike through new terms instead of underlining them in another color and striking through only the old ones. With long sentences it takes me several minutes to understand what is new and what is different...

(19.2 KB)

>It is red in the last update. Your color settings are still from the previous update. Either reapply your current theme via the View > Themes menu or set it to red via View > Colors > No subsegment match color.

Since this setting is also saved in any Project Template, you'll have to repeat this step for all your individual PTs.

Unfortunately some smaller glitches are much better to see now than before.


This is a sentence from a test file. The sentence was directly copied from one position to the other inside the source doc, they are identical with the exception of "two". The culprit seems to be the combination of upper case and the TM.

And no, I did not invent this, this is similar from a real project.

There is a third case where a separate marking with the same color would make sense (as they need less attention):

  • different numbers (but only if it will be automatically replaced)
  • words with different case (upper/lower) – they can have different meanings, but in most cases they don't.

There is a different screw driver in figure 13.

There is a different screw driver in figure 12.

The Company has its registered office in Brussels.

The Company has its registered Office in Brussels.

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