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REQ: Compact Layout 2.0

Well, I find more comfortable if I could work with the layout presented in the screenshot. This could be achievable if we had the option for "Docking the tabbed panel to window vertically/horizontally" and then, docking the "Grid" tab to Segment Editor OR, a whole new Layout where the Grid is always pinned and the tabbed panel is docked vertically, what do you think?


I forgot to say why: I'm not sure if it's a matter of habits but I kind of need to have the grid always on top. If I'm translating with the current Compact Layout, if I need to use concordance (search source/target segments), use Resource's websites and so on, the grid goes away all the time, it's annoying. 

Well, you may try Layout 5. The grid is not tabbed, it is fully integrated above the segment editors, but otherwise it is like the Layout 6.

I too mostly use Layout 6 now.

A few things:

- When I translate (not reviewing my translation), I prefer to have the tabbed panel placed on top, near the segment editors, for easy Grid/tab access and switching. You can do that by unticking View > Tabs > Bottom tabs placement.

By the way, Igor, this action could be added to the context menu of the tabs.

- Apart from joining together TMs etc, you can rearrange the tabs in a way that most frequently used resources are near the Grid tab. Just drag the tabs around. If this does not work, just double-click on a tab once, to enable the dragging mode. Then, it's a matter of using the keyboard shortcuts for Select Previous/Next tab

- If there is a specific TM you use much for concordance, you can join it with the Matchboard. To do that, hover the Matchboard tab icon d click to close it. It will come back to the tabbed pane. Right click on it, then Join the frequently used resource. Then, just Dock to the right.

However, I think your screen resolution is too low to take advantage of this, you probably need to keep all the right side for the Matchboard. 

- To leave more space for the grid, I use the View > Segment editors > Horizontal segment editors (ticked). Again, probably not applicable for low resolution screens in this layout.


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More drag&drop than only inside a tab pane would be cool.

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Thanks Jean, actually this is my 13'' laptop (where I'm testing the Compact view because it seems it's enances the space problems), I have another desktop setup (using my old Macbook Pro) where I already use the 5th layout, see the screenshot.

By the way, I can't make Wordreference Web Resource work, do you have the same problem?



Thanks for sharing the screenshot, now I see better!

Re: WordReference, I have no issues at all.

This is what my resource settings look like. I guess you can also add the link on the "Internet address" field, if you want the resource to show up for manual in-page searches.


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