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Checked status autopropagation and statistics

With the recent changes, we can consider 

- Empty segment = Untranslated

- Translated segment = Draft/Edited

- Checked segment = Translated/Confirmed

- Approved segment = Signed off

It would be interesting having the statuses autopropagated, as lots of us (I'm sure) would work "confirming" (aka "checking") segments on the go, this way we wouldn't need to go to repetitions already checked (translated) because they're already confirmed.

The same applies for statistics. If we work "checking" on the go, but we have machine translation propagated for edition, we get the "translated statistic" but not the "checked", which actually are the real translations, SO, could Checked segments/words/characters AND Unchecked segments/words/characters be added to the statistics view?

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My statistics board became useless :(

Scenario: translating a SDLXLIFF file, with "Translated" (Checked in CT/Confirmed in memoQ 100%/101%/102%), pretranslation from 80% but not "Translated", just "Edited" (which maps the "Translated" status from CT side) and pretranslation from MT, also not confirmed (which also maps the "Translated" status from CT side). As non-"Translated" pretranslation from Trados is consider a "Translated" status in CT, the statistics don't show your real progress.


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