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I must be doing something wrong :-) This is not urgent, as it happens only sometimes, but I would like to know what the cause is. Problem is: I want to open an already translated project to revise it. Normally I search for it in the dashboard (menu on the right "Choose a recent project" and click on the Open button). Sometimes it happens though that I can't find my project there, even if it's recent. What I do is then scroll down all the projects in that menu and, at the end, I find "Open project..." I navigate to the correct folder and click on the already translated sdlxliff file. It opens correctly, I revise the text and want to export to a "return package" for the client as usual, but this is not possible, I can only send the file. The client then asks for his return package, but I don't know how to create it. Does anybody know what I should/should not do in these cases?

Thank you!


Hello Elisabetta,

I would treat “Open project” and “Open project folder” as actions that are mostly meant for native CafeTran projects, non-external projects (bilingual files and packages created by other tools).

I’m probably stating obvious information, so apologies if this is true, but here it is:

When you import a native file (a Word file, for example) into CafeTran, it creates a project folder, where it copies the original file, segments it and prepares a XLIFF file that it opens for translation.

You can use “Open project” to open that XLIFF file, or “Open project folder” to select the folder that CafeTran has created.

For external projects, if the project is not found in the “Recent projects” list, just open it again as you would start the external project: Either drag and drop it, or use the Dashboard menu > Project type > Translate external project, press the New button and select the file or package you want to translate.

CafeTran opens bilingual files at their own location, it does not create a project folder. If you choose to open a Project TM or glossary, those are also created at the same location.

For packages, CafeTran generally expands packages (which are a type of compressed folder) and opens the contained bilingual file(s).

Now, if your client expects a “return package”, this means that they gave you a “package”.

Return packages can only be created if you open a package, not a bilingual file (such as a SDLXLIFF file).

So, here’s what I would do:

- Go to the SDLPPX package location. Check if it has already been expanded (meaning there is also a folder there, including the SDLXLIFFs)

- If so, drag and drop the package file on the Dashboard.

- When done (after QA and all), simply use Project > Export and exchange >

Export to package > Return package, as usual.

If the package is NOT expanded (there is no folder at the package location), this means you have probably translated the SDLXLIFF file(s) separately. In that case, here’s what I suggest you do instead:

- Drag and drop the package and open it in CafeTran.

- Close CafeTran.

- Replace the SDXLIFF files in the expanded folder with those you have already translated. They should bear the same names and belong to that same package.

- Open CafeTran and drag and drop the package file once again.

- Check that all files have the revised version of your translation.

- Create and send return package.

Let me know if this works for you, or if anything is unclear. Please consider making a copy of those files before conducting the above actions, just to be on the safe side.


Thanks Jean! That's interesting, because I've just discovered something new! Yes, I meant a non-native package, which I first opened (expanded), translated and saved. In the revision phase I normally search for it in the Recent project list, revise it and create the return package. I was convinced that the original package (sdlppx) would not contain my translation and never tried to open it, as you suggested, by "New". I thought the "expanded" folder contained the translation, whereas the original package had no target text. But by pressing "New" and choosing the sdlppx I found my translation and was able to create the return package. Great! :-)

Great, I'm glad it worked!

I don't think the original package contains the new translation per se (the file date should show this), but when you open it in CafeTran while it has already been expanded, it opens your files again as a package (which is exactly what you want!), reading the package contents from the already expanded folder :-)

Yes, obviously you're right, but I find it interesting that it works by clicking on the "new" button, I would have never thought of that, thanks again!

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