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Request: Fix problems with case on file extensions

I've noticed that CT has a problem with the case on file extensions. I have a few customers who occasionally send me docx files where the .DOCX is upper case. CT appears to have some problems with this.

1. Today I started a multiple document project consisting of four .DOCX files and two .docx files. I entered docx in the fie filter box (as the folder also contained an xlsx file that I didn't want to translate) and CT only opened the two .docx files.

So I had to delete the project and start again, entering docx|DOCX in the file filter box, which worked fine.

2. Whenever I export a DOCX file after translating, CT appends an extra .docx file extension onto the end of the filename. So Filename.DOCX becomes Filename_en-gb.DOCX.docx. It's a minor irritation, but still it would be nice if it could be fixed.

Also, changing the subject, any chance of an option to only append the first part of the language code when exporting? So the exported file would be named Filename_en.docx. No-one cares about the language variant.

Some months ago I opened a ticket on exactly the same type of issue, but for the XLSX extension instead. I have only one client who occasionaly sends me such files, and I don't even know how this could happen in normal Office documents usage.

Regarding the request to add only the first part of the language code in the exported file, I agree with the idea, for I always end up deleting the second part manually.

The latest update (build 2018102601) of the preview 2019 version of CafeTran handles the file extensions in the case insensitive manner.

Great work, thanks!

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