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REQ: Ability to Split/Merge native projects


This idea would be of interest to enhance CafeTran’s collaboration and project management capabilities.

Situation: A big or urgent project needs to be tackled by two or more translators, each working on a section of the file(s).

Suggested solution: Add ability to split a single- or multi-file project into two or more parts. (Optionally, the other segments are not directly editable.) and create separate CTP packages. Each translator finishes their part. Then, the translated CTP packages are merged, each only replacing the segments that were attributed.

So, for example, if I work from segments 1-500 and send segments 501-1000 to a colleague, then I can easily merge the work of my colleague to my own version, while keeping my own work intact.

This can also make the Rendezvous Memory Server feature more useful, since the feature can be directly put to use for sharing TM while working on the same project.

How does this sound? And, if not deemed ready for implementation, how would one go about using a native CafeTran Espresso project to share the project among other members and easily reintroduce only selected parts of the target segments? Lock own translated segments, empty remaining segments, attach the TM saved from the second translation and insert exact matches?



Note: There is probably no need to lock segments.

The current workflow to achieve that collaboration goal is simple enough that it may not require the above suggested implementation.

> There is probably no need to lock segments.

This could be easily resolved by introducing a new segment state "Changed" (or Updated", or by simply working with the alternative translations feature.

This reminds me of the memoQ feature to create views that are based on different characteristics. Surely a nice to have. 

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