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Do not translate text between < and > via MT

It would be nice if text between user-defined markers (e.g. < and >) could be excluded from MT (and AA):


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Though a bit of sophisticated processing would be great.

This means

  • ignore anything inside < and >
  • but extract – in a separate segment – anything in the quotation marks when alt="…" or title="…"
The best solution would be to have them excluded as tags (aren't they anyway already so …?), eg. with another marker than 1, 2, 3:


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Or with blue tags, which later in development could also be used for user-defined tags AKA the regex tagger

When choosing between new colors (blue for span, grey for links, orange for images etc.) or a self-explaining tag I'd prefer the latter.

There are two cases:

  • native docs: here it should be possible w/o really big problems 
  • non-native files: here it should be also possible. Tag descriptions at least in sdlxliff are remote, but they can be decoded, other tools™ can do this (wrong argument, I know). Two years ago this was called quantum mechanics, maybe we are a bit farer today (I am sure we are).
The easiest solution for the first case might be to extend the known tags (b, i etc.) by some more. Or a WYSIWYG-Editor on the target side.

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