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Do Not Send Segment to TM: request

Sometimes it happens that clients send sdlxliff files (or other source files that the user cannot edit himself) containing non-hidden sentences in a language other than the source language, or source segments with only numbers, phone numbers, people names, symbols, a mix of all this or the like. 


In any case, a user may have reasons not to send particular segments to the TM .

I know that Alt+Right-Arrow doesn't send segments to the TM, but when sending the TM to Total Recall at the end of the project or upon importing a project into a TM—for example after a batch editing—they are sent anyway, which results in a TM containing unwanted stuff. 


Therefore, if no other simple facilities exist to the purpose, I propose to create the "Do not send to TM" command (with visual confirmation).


What do you think?

I already asked for this two times in a broader sense, including a permanent lock for the segment (permanent = also in other, non-native file formats), so that the TM isn't populated even at later reviews. Something like confirm without sending the segment to the TM + lock + go to next segment.

Another typical use case is an external file that is badly segmented and where in the end source segments do not correspond to the target segments' contents (as the literal contents are shifted somehow to other segments).

Yes, bad segmentation (so typical in sdlxliff files received by careless translation companies) is another strong case in favour of this request. Igor, please! 

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