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Sending all segment to TM

Let's suppose that upon completing a 1 million segment translation job I replace all straight apostrophes with curly ones—let's say 500,000—using Find. Is there a way to update the TM en block?

I think I could use Project > Export to TMX memory, but in this case CT would export all project segments including those that while translating I intentionally didn't send to the TM (using the Alt+right arrow shortcut), right? 

Filter for the apostrophes, replace them and then Memory > Import segments > Import segments from project. This means in a filtered view that only the filtered segments are being sent to the TM. Perhaps a misleading command name.

OK, thanks. This would work for segments modified en block. 

But, more in general, there are cases when one doesn't want to send a particular segment to the TM, for example when the source file has been badly segmented and such segments cannot be joined with CT, or when sending a segment to the TM would make no sense.

In such cases, the ability to mark those segments "Do not send to TM" would be useful. My previous CAT tool has this very function, and I often found it very valuable in certain cases.

Would this feature make sense for other CT users too?      

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