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REQ: Removal of phrases with a misspelled word from auto-completion sugguestion


I would like to request the solution as in the topic title.

The auto-completion does not recognise (after reloading) single mispelled words but still does so with regard to phrases containing a correct and a misspelt word.

Another issue is with words/phrases which end in an apostrohe/bracket etc. One can delete them, but after reloading such suggestions return.

I would be grateful for addressing these issues.



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Automatic removal of the misspelled words from the Auto-completion list was introduced in 2018 Akua Update 5 (20180409), but from what you say, this feature might need some refining.

For now, please note there is a keyboard shortcut for manually removing auto-complete entries.

Look for " Remove from auto-completion list" in Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts. (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+R, I think)

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