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REQ: Go to context

When I started working with CafeTran, the "Display current segment context" feature was not so meaningful to me. Actually, I use it quite often, especially with the Windows 6 layout.

However, now that it is marked with CXT, I sometimes have following problem:

  • Text is displayed filtered, "Display current segment context" is activated
  • You see a mistake in the segment above or below (pls don't answer that you never find mistakes in the context)
  • You want to correct it
  • You deactivate the filter and zas! you are somewhere completely different

Wouldn't it be nice to have the CXT clickable and to go directly to this segment (thus deactivating the filter applied), instead of humbling and rumbling around to search the segment? Or better than any other complicated "where do I want to be when deactivating a filter" stuff?

NB: Sure, the next workaround would be to click on the segment's number and to go one up or down. But this is not intuitive and only the 2nd best solution. 

It is implemented in the latest build. Thank you!

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