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REQ: Adjust start punctuation

We have this nice feature:


Would it be possible to have Adjust start punctuation too?

To adjust all occurrences of non-letter characters including the next space:

• Blabla

‣ Blabla

∙ Blabla

⦿ Blabla

- Blabla

– Blabla


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Seconded. And including the space, as in external projects (I said the evil word) with "Hide boundary tags" the result can be

Source text:

This is a wonderful feature.

<tag> This is a wonderful feature.</tag>

> shown in CT as >

 This is a wonderful feature.

> can lead to >

<tag>Das ist eine wunderbare Funktion.

> or in the target file

•Das ist eine wunderbare Funktion.

There might be also other ways to avoid this mistake.

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