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Question about QA and Glossary Matching Type


This is a question about how simply the glossary matching type can be changed for QA.

During translating, I activate both prefix matching and stem lookup for all glossaries because I want CT to catch as many possibly relevant source terms as possible.

For the QA (term consistency check) purpose, I apply only the stem lookup because most of the terms caught by prefix matching are irrelevant for this purpose.

Switching the matching type is done as follows.

  1. Uncheck "prefix matching" in the glossary sub-menu (Edit > Preferences).
  2. Reload the glossary that is to be used for QA.

Is there a simpler way to achieve this?


Glossaries need to be reloaded after changing the "Prefix matching" option. Perhaps, they might reload automatically in the future.

If automatic reloading is possible, it seems to be a good idea to provide two additional options in the QA settings pane, which triggers automatic reloading when necessary.

Exact (available now)

Prefix (available now)

Stem lookup

Prefix + stem lookup


Hey Masato, tried to send you a mail but it bounced. Did you see that Mario would appreciate info about the MT system that you are using?

Hi, long time, no see!

What's the MT system you mentioned?

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