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Macbook late 2008 + High Sierra YES/NO

I was wondering if my fellow Mac users could advise me on whether I should update my machine to High Sierra. It's a late 2008 macbook running on 8G RAM and a 1T SSD. I currently use Mavericks on it.

I know High Sierra isn't officially supported (it starts from 2009 MacBooks), but it is possible to install it via a patch. My main question is if the machine slows down considerably.

To be honest, I've more or less searched the entire web for information, but couldn't find that much info on macs with my specs. I am guessing the reason High Sierra isn't supported on late 2008's is that it doesn't support HDD and 2G RAM, which came with the original macs.

Does any of you have the same macbook model as me and which OSX are you running?


I don't use this configuration.

If you have an external disk available, you can install HS on this. Then, boot via this disk. If the speed is good enough, you can decide to install HS on your internal disk, which will be faster.

The test shouldn't take too much time.

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