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REQ: 3 things for glossary display

The glossary display in a tab pane and in the match board could be optimized:

  • by displaying anything else than the terms (context, notes) with a slightly smaller font size and italics (already done in Matchboard) – actually this is hard to distinguish (could be a 2nd term here)


  • by the possibility to hide/show anything else than the terms with a right-click/shortcut (very nice for the IATE, where you don't really need them, but sometimes they are necessary, or when working with an internal or external glossary with large notes), or maybe show them in an optional tool tip when hovering 
  • by finally the option to sort the term matches in the Match board by occurrence, as it is the case in possible the tab pane, in the current situation this is inconsistent (eh, not my only wish for the Matchboard, especially the display, BTW).

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