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Tweaks to the F4 list


there is an issue with marking in the source editor and displayng on the F4 list of all occurrences of a proper name put onto the list.

Usually only the first occurrence in recogonized as opposed to numbers. Then you have to type such a name often only after realising the list is empty of it. It's a double waste of time.

Another strange thing is that all used non-translatables are being removed from the F4 list except for the last one.

Igor, is all the above intended or could be repaired, perhaps?



The current implementation removes the non-translatable from the F4 list once it is picked for the current segment. This causes the issue with non-translatables that appear more than once in the same segment. The possible solution might be to place the used non-translatable at the bottom of the list instead of removing it completely so that the user can select it again if needed.  The change should be included in the next update. Thanks!

Hi Igor,

and what about treating proper names exactly the same as numbers. Each occurrence of a given name could be recognised on the list in the order of appearance and marked in the source editor. Then the problem of the F4 list's being empty for subsequent use would be insignificant.

In fact, I requested removal of used not-translatables some time ago so that the list is clearer and the translator knows whether all the numbers from the source have been included in the translation segment.



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