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I'm very impressed

Started to work for a new client and received a multi lingo termbase. The Glossary Converter couldn't export it. When I used Multiterm to export it, I didn't see the structure.

So I just opened it in CafeTran Espresso 2018 and wow, I got a perfect 2-column fragments memory. Just what I needed.

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Hi Igor,

A bit of a request here: I just opened a MultiTerm termbase in CafeTran (via the Memory > Import > Import SDLTB termbase method), but noticed can't candle synonyms. Is there any way you could make it so CT just imports every combination and makes a separate entry for it?


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Wow, you receive Studio termbases with synonyms. Are they as well-structured and well-researched as one would hope? All termbases that I receive contain garbage: dumb translations, inconsistencies and spelling errors. Long live the new import feature that allows me to clean up da houz and put la garbage outasida.

I don't know if it is doable but you might create a ticket and attach a sample termbase file with synonyms there. Thanks.

@Igor: Will do!
@Hans: Sadly, it wasn't from a client (which also only provide me with crap quality glossaries. It was one of my own amazingly complex, patented, super-charged ‘Beijer Glossaries’.

At the target side the semi-colons are omitted:


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